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VC – Charlie is a Vietnamese landrace variety of cannabis. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that has not been crossed with any unfamiliar genetics. It’s a pure landrace from the jungles of Vietnam.


All of today’s strains inevitably derive from pure, ancient cannabis plants found throughout the world and referred to as “landraces.” Landraces occur naturally and adapt to a particular region, over a long period of time, without any external influences.

Marijuana landrace strains are ones that are indigenous to a specific location. That means that they are naturally occurring in that area, and they have never been cross-bred with any other strain of marijuana. They are generally a very old strain, having been inbred throughout history over and over again. They are pure, and each plant is highly similar to each other. Generally speaking, a landrace will either be completely indica or completely sativa.

Landrace strains used to be the most sought-after strains in the world, offering a vast array of different strain options to people who traveled the world in search of new strains of marijuana.


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