Cannabis Seeds USA – 25% off Discount Code

Use discount code: 420flyer On your next order and get these strains for only $29.99 each! Or apply the code to our limited supply of certified top shelf genetics and get over $30 in discounts that you will not see on any other seed bank. Shipping and handling is only $8, which means you get free shipping and a few extra bucks in your pocket depending on the size of your order..</p>

  • NORTHERN LIGHTS – 10 PACK – $29.99
  • BRAIN WREAK – 10 PACK – $29.99
  • GIRL SCOUT COOKIES – 10 PACK – $29.99
  • WHITE FIRE -10 PACK – $29.99
  • GREEN CRACK – 10 PACK – $29.99
  • ORANGE KUSH – 10 PACK – $29.99
  • AK 47 – 10 PACK – $29.99

Thank you for your recent order on our website. This discount code can be used at any time and is normally reserved for customers who have already made a purchase. We have decided to extend this offer to those of you who have doubt in our ability to supply you with high quality genetics. If your concerned about not being able to make payments to us with a credit card or debit card, just remember we are complete strangers and giving your card information to random people online is way more scary. We do not ask for your card numbers because it is not a viable option with the current banking industry in USA. Even most dispensaries only accept cash and they achieve this by offering their customers access to ATM machines inside dispensaries. We cant even accept out of state business or personal banking checks because banks ask to many questions and want invoices and TMI (to much information). Most things in life require some form of payment and cash is the best route to go these days unfortunately when paying for any items. And you get a 100% guarantee from us that your seeds are guaranteed to be female and germinate, if not you get extra seeds on your next order for free.

Cannabis Seeds USA




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